Dream city contest

dream cities 04We are young architects ! We imagined dream cities and built fantastic model towns.

We painted, drew, coloured, cut, stuck. We had one thousand ideas !

We presented our cities and some people voted for their favourite ones.

Imaginary Worlds in Watercolour - The end!

Now the watercolour class is finished, here you can see all of the pupils' pictures:


All the Pupils' Imaginary Worlds


They have all improved a lot and learnt new skills. I hope that they enjoyed themselves as much as it seemed, and that they will go on creating!

Corpse Bride

After studying the film Corpse Bride (Tim Burton, 2005) in class, the pupils in 4ème had to create a character for the Land of the Dead: draw it and describe it in English...

Here is a trailer of the film (you can see a few posters too, on the "Histoire des Arts" page):

Corpse Bride Trailer

Here you can see some of the pupils' works:

Corpse Bride (2012-2013)

"Billy Elliot"

Thbilly elliote pupils in 3ème watched and studied the film "Billy Elliot" (2000).

Here are two interesting trailers of the film:

Trailer 1

Trailer 2



In December, Mrs Heidrich's pupils in 3ème watched and studied the film 9. Here is a trailer of the film:

9, by Shane Acker (2009)

They were then asked to create a doll number 10 to imagine a follow up to the film...

Here you can admire some of our best artists' work: (each doll was described in a text in English... but I haven't copied them all)

Pupils' dolls number 10